So as a prophetic person, I see things from a different view. I see most things spiritual and not natural. It took many years to begin to understand the language of heaven, to begin to see behind the veil. In my book, I talk about reading behind the veil and understanding the language of heaven and your dream language.

Symbols were never meant to stay in the little box called the bible. Symbols are how God speaks to use. He uses them everyday around us. We just have to be in tune to understand what their meaning is. Yes, Yes, you can hear Him in your Spirit, but there is another language for those who have EYES to hear.

Just as God manifested symbols in the bible, He is doing the same around you. When things out of the ordinary happen to me I say to myself, “if this were a dream what would it mean”

So here is my latest this morning as I was praying.

12 years ago I moved to Dothan Alabama. We had just moved off the mission field the first time and stayed in a small suburb (out yonder) called Rehobeth. Rehobeth means “PLACE OF REST”. Interesting. It was indeed a place of rest from ministry (the vocation), missions and life. It was slower paced.

One day we went to look for a vehicle and the lady who owned the dealership was named Wanda (meaning: Traveler). She came out and said “I don’t know you, but I have a message for you, “this is the place God has brought you for you to receive a double portion as Elisha did when Elijah was caught up in the whirlwind.

(this is the place we named our daughter Jericho Cassandra – meaning: the fragrance of the Lord and the place where Elisha’s double portion was recognized by the other prophets. Cassandra means “end time prophet, unheeded”)

It was the beginning of our dark night of the soul. Think about it, we were given an amazing prophetic message and then the trial began. We had a very tough time in our marriage, we were being falsely accused, our business went under, and our daughter Jaelah Iliana died. (meaning: to profit and to ascend, true warrior). This was a very very trying time in our life.

We moved from Dothan after three years because the heat of the trial was too much to handle and we were so young in the understanding of God’s ways. Robert left ministry and I just wanted to heal. Then Robert’s father passed away. We went on a 12-year journey.

12 years later, we are called back to Dothan. Interesting. Trust me, I fought it the whole way. I went for prayer, deliverance, fasting . . .begging GOD. But here I am, and as soon as I submitted to the Lord the joy came and the money to move was released.

So, as I ponder on what in the world am I doing here, I begin to look at my symbols.

Dothan – meaning two wells. Now, this is very interesting to me. When we first moved here we rented a small farmhouse from a Mark and JOY Wells . . .hmmmmm, the true meaning of mark means to be hammered . . .the JOY of being Hammered 

This time we found a home to rent for the time being (sight unseen) and we are renting from another Wells family.

TWO WELLS. What are the chances? No chance . . . just a manifestation of what God is doing in our lives. This time it is from a Donny and Starla – To RULE and SHINE like a Star. God has his work cut out for us here.

Before we left Dothan, we had some amazing prayer time with Keith Luker, who gave us a message. “You will be going back, but what was so difficult 10 years ago, will come with ease now”

Three days after being here, I was contacted by an old client of mine and offered a contract again. 10 years later . .. . .hmmmm . . . coincidence. Not in my Journey.

Now, Dothan in the bible was spoken about two times in the Bible. I will tell you that I never thought about dreams when I lived here before. UNTIL . . . . My daughter Jaelah died. We buried her here. After her passing, I told God that I wanted another baby but I didn’t trust HIM. That I thought He was going to kill all of my children (remember this was our dark night of the soul, I was wrestling with MY GOD) That night I had a dream. It was a floating newspaper, and on the heading was this name JANOAH. I had no idea what it meant. I awoke and ran to my concordance. The meaning (God will allow to remain, JAH – God, Noah- was allowed to remain) So my next child is Jenoah.  she is 8.

That was my first real understanding that God spoke in dreams.

So we moved from Dothan to run away from God and ministry and His people  Robert wanted to go to culinary school, so he told God “if you want me, you know where you can reach me, I am quitting ministry and going to culinary school”. On the first weekend we were together there, we went to a little vineyard church and a very tall pastor, whom we still consider our pastor, stood up and said “I don’t know your story or who you are, but God wants to say to you “you can run but you can’t hide, your gifts are irrevocable” . . . Robert was pasturing at that church a year later.

As Robert was pastoring, I was continuing in my dark night of the soul. Why? Oh because I ran. But this time I was a bit smarter and I laid down to it and humbled myself. Learned quite a few things about life. I spent many many quiet hours learning the Art of Dream Interpretation. Nobody knew, I was told I would never be in ministry again. So I laid down to it and just learned to hear from God. Then after my night had turned to morning . . . . I was hired by John Paul Jackson Ministries. I have been teaching on dreams and the prophetic ever since.

Back to my point. The FIRST (well, or in this case PIT) mention of Dothan in the bible is when Joseph was given his amazing dream (prophetic word from God whilst asleep) What did Joseph do? He blabbed it and talked about it and pretty much made everyone around him crazy enough to want to kill that “dreamer.” So, his brothers took off with the flock and Joseph went looking for them. He stopped to ask someone and that person said, “I heard them say “”let’s go to Dothan”” So off he went chasing after them. They saw him in Dothan far off and they decided to kill him! Except there was good ol’ Reuben. (GOD WILL ALWAYS PROVIDE A REUBEN DURING YOUR DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL)

It was in Dothan, that Joseph, the dreamer began his DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL ALSO. . . hmmmm . .coincidence. . . not on my journey.

Now, the SECOND time was when the King was looking for a prophet, and the other prophets told him about ELISHA – and this is what they said “Elisha, the prophet, who is in Isreal, can tell the King of Isreal the words that you speak in your bedchamber” and “And he said, “Go and see where he is, that I may send and seize him.” It was told him, “Behold, he is in Dothan.” So he sent there horses and chariots and a great army, and they came by night, and surrounded the city.”

“He said, “Fear not, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”
“Then Elisha prayed, and said, “O Lord, I pray Thee, open his eyes that he may see.” So The Lord opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw; and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.”
These are the two teachings that I have based my ministry to others on. These two teachings are what I have broken down and understood the message of ministry, dream interpretation, understanding God, and reading behind the veil, hearing with your eyes.

It is NOT a coincidence that I am back in Dothan, to experience my next WELL . . .

Dig Deep friends and learn to understand the language of heaven. Jesus spoke in parables, symbols. God speaks in dreams, dark speech and riddles . . . so are your dreams and that which manifests around you!