What’s Up with Recurring Dreams?

Recurring Dreams are dreams that come about over a course of a lifetime, or maybe a few months, or perhaps only when you were a child. I always tell parents to pay close attention to their children’s recurring dreams. Recurring dreams occur because they are quite often hurdle’s that you must overcome. As parents we can pray with our children for wisdom to overcome this one hurdle in their lives. We have found many types of recurring dreams.

Top 5 Recurring Dreams

  1. Flying
  2. Naked
  3. Teeth Falling Out
  4. Snakes
  5. Being Chased

As a child, I frequently dreamed that I was running from someone or something.

It was like trying to run in molasses. I could NEVER seem to get away from whatever was chasing me. The “dream element” chasing me was always different, but the storyline was always the same. “I just couldn’t get away.” I was never apprehended but I ran with all my might but it was like I was running on a “gerbil wheel”. One of the things that I really struggle with in my own life is “STRIVING.” Running in my own strength. This is an area that I am perpetually trying to overcome in my life.

I seem to always end up with the same result as well. Spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. But, because of the recurring dream in my life as a child I am fully aware that this is a “thorn in my flesh”. This is a precise area in my life where I absolutely need the Power of God.

What is your recurring dream?

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and couldn’t get their full attention? So you never feel like your message was fully understood. You would probably repeat that message over and over until it was fully understood, right? This must be how God feels sometimes. The dreams will stop when the change is made or awareness is made.