Knowledge does have its value, but knowledge does NOT guarantee happiness if we continue to filter our experiences thru our ego and flesh.

The ego’s, or flesh, only goal is to push to be more aggressive (or passive aggressive) and controlling in our relationships. Peace is therefore never our outcome. Ever. If peace is the goal, can we ever obtain it?

The steps are simple actually.

Very simple.

EVERY encounter is an opportunity (or what I like to call a heart test). When someone engages us in conversation and we have an inkling to judge them negatively, immediately ask the Holy Spirit what God sees in them. Then ask Holy Spirit to give us the words to say or the feelings to project. They will come. Always. God is wanting and encouraging us to see others the way HE sees them. See our impatience may push us to act way too soon. Be vigilant.

The maturity of a prophetic person is to see the dirtiness and messiness and reach higher. Reach into the third heaven and pull down into this dimension what God sees and says about them. THAT is prophetic my friend. Be that.


Be very direct in your communication never allow passive aggressive comments. You train people how to communicate with you. Passive aggressive is the work of the devil.

When you ask someone a question and they answer another then take you in a circle in order to not answer the initial question.

Call it out. Call it what it is.

Expose the work of the enemy.



(Then duck cause it sends that spirit scrabbling for justification, then when they can’t justify it…They attack)

Be firm.

Stand your ground.

Walk in forgiveness and love.

Love passive aggressive people from a very safe distant.

Walk closely with truth warriors.

Listen, don’t ever let anyone turn it around on you because you teach thru your experiences. Truth is truth. Even when it hurts.


People trip me out with that delete/block button. Having many children, and being involved in teen organizations for 18 years, one of the major bully tactics we see among children that often leads to suicide among our kids, is social media mass blocking and deleting with no explanation.

I have been teaching for years that one of the worst forms of abuse is rejection and withdrawal without communication. As adults, we need to be aware of this also.

How do we teach our children if we also do it. I have been the one that has experienced mass deleting and blocking over lies and false allegations. To you it is just a pebble, no big deal, just a block here or a delete there. But what they see on the other end is you are apart off a mass bullying campaign. Maybe it isn’t mass in your case, maybe it is just one or two people (usualy more than one cause you can’t keep your mouth shut #keepingitreal)

My upcoming book, Antics of a Jezebel Spirit, dealing with bullying and narcissistic personalities, is anchored into Matthew 18 protocol.

“If you have an issue to go to your brother, if they don’t listen take witnesses, if they still don’t listen take it before the church”

This is NOT a suggestion, it’s actually a prescription.

The Lord showed me how we can stop jezebel and leviathan spirits (bullies and narcissists) dead in its tracks by a strict adherence to Matt 18 protocol.

Think about the last time you were involved in such injustice. Can you see where if you or the other person would have just gone to the person immediately it would have stopped that spirit/person dead in its tracks.




That is why I am HUGE proponent of OVER-COMMUNICATING in a heightened situation.

When consulting with small business start ups. Over-communicate. Over-communicate.

Leave no room for the enemy to bring question.

That is why I am and speak out against those that leave saying, “Well I have been feeling this way for months…” as they are walking out the proverbial door.

People that do that should not be placed in leadership because it brings a level of distrust. Leaders need to trust that those that they surround themselves with will always over communicate when they sense a problem. You never know, you may be the answer to something they also have been feeling.

I want to challenge you as adults, that if you feel the need to delete someone that you have regularly engaged with or even a family member, reach out and say, “Hey, I really feel like I need to delete/block/unfriend you because. …”

9 times out of 10 it leads to unity or at least a healthy discussion.

Let’s not minimize the behavior by saying, “omg Amy, its just facebook”

NOOOO. . .you and I both know this is the mode of communication in our generation and culture.

What you are doing is making a STATEMENT.

You know what you are trying to say when they go to your page and you are gone. That’s like saying, in the 50s, well I can hang up on them, its just a telephone. Um. …noooo. You wouldn’t stand for it.

It is the work of the enemy to not go to your brother immediately.

#matthew18 #getradical. #notasuggestion

Stop hurting people. Stop being passive. Stop being passive aggressive.

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