Do you experience the feeling of “overwhelmed?”

For me it happens at least once a day!

Sometimes it’s a situation, an assignment, or an individual that will send me over the proverbial cliff.

For a moment, we are certain we can’t handle what we’re called to do.

Often we revert back to old habits and start an “argument” inside ourselves or even with others as a way of diverting attention from the inadequacy we feel.

Human nature unchecked will always strive to soothe all negative emotions with justification that leads to deception. That behavior never solves anything and it nearly always initiates a counterattack. Then disorder reigns.

We need to learn to discern between Divine Chaos that comes to bring Divine Order (Life) and Human Chaos that comes to bring Human Disorder (death).

Now we know there is another way to live.  However, we don’t always choose it and our pain is our evidence.

But it is never too late to reject a familiar, unsuccessful approach, even while in the midst of the experience.

Nothing and I mean Nothing remains “daunting” if tackled with the help of the Holy Spirit who brings TRUTH.

Truth really really does set us free!!!

We must take responsibility for every negative emotion that moves us out of the Fruit of the Spirit. We did that.

Not anybody or anything else. Nobody and No Thing is that powerful. The Holy Spirit only sees PEACE within the turmoil of our experiences.

Here is the deal, either you believe the Word or not.


“This scripture brings freedom. This is the truth that sets you free. You must abide in this truth and know that God is totally in charge and totally for us even when we think we screwed it up. Remember, HE chose to use broken people to bring forth His Glory and Resurrection Power. He can’t out “broken” God.

Reach up and begin to practice using the Eyes of the Holy Spirit. See your situation through the Eyes of the Spirit of God. Peace. Only Peace.Don’t waste another moment in your human chaos.

Repeat after me: NOTHING is too big or hard or confusing for me to handle today if I seek the Holy Spirit for help.