If you sat through all of USA Network’s Television show Falling Waters thinking, “Why are none of these people showing up naked to any of their tests in their dreams?” you are not alone.  The medical community has found that sexual dreams are incredibly common, with both men and women alike reporting that eight percent of their dreams are about sex.

Now, in almost all of my conferences or workshops I get the side beckon and the whisper, “So Amy . ..see . . . well . . um . . my friend had this dream . . .”  It might only be 8% of your dream life, but my goodness, it can either thoroughly embarrass you or send you to the divorce attorney!  You know like specifically dreaming that we are totally naked and feeding bird seed to Brad Pitt (just, you know, a hypothetical). Don’t you want to know what it all means?

So check out the handy sex dream video below, from our online course Journey Into Your Dreams  – a 12 week academy and finally get to the bottom of those nocturnal Pitt-Bird seed adventures once and for all. No judgments here.


Have you ever woken up feeling totally guilty about cheating on your spouse and it is completely out of your nature!?!  Uh, yeah, me neither. But the good news is, cheating dreams don’t usually have anything to do with actually wanting to cheat. Instead, they’re typically about insecurities and betrayals.

Being Cheated On By Your Partner

First we need to look at the person and identify are they 1) literal 2) positional 3) symbolic?

Literally your spouse? Maybe feelings of insecurity in the relationship. They could be cheating with hobbies, profession, best friend or literally cheating.

Positionally? Maybe it is someone that is in close intimate relationship with you and they are seeking outside the relationship to meet their needs. Maybe you are “in bed” with someone professionally (contractually) and they are betraying you.

Symbolic? What is the meaning of your spouse or significant others name? what is the name of the person they are cheating with?

Cheating On Your Partner

Ask yourself, “who am I betraying?” or “who am I compromising?” Not only your partner, but look professionally also.

Kissing Someone

Kissing can represent coming into agreement with someone’s words or betraying your word (Kiss of Judas).

Kissing Your Ex

Again, Literal, Positional, Symbolic?

Remember, they are your “ex” for a reason. Kinda like . ..”exit”  “exorcist” “exacerbate” “exasperate” “excommunicate”   OH GOSH  . . .sorry I got lost there for a bit!

No really, they are the former on purpose! What is that scripture . . .”childish things we put behind us”  LOL . .JUST KIDDING!!


Literal – are you seeking to go back to the ex? Are you unhappy in your current situation and longing for the past?

Positional – are you uncomfortable in the trials and tribulations you are experiencing in your life, cause you know what? Sometimes Egypt looks real niiiiiice .. . .trust me.

Symbolic – what does your ex’s name mean? There was a spiritual reason you were drawn to a person with that name.

Kissing a Celebrity

Look at the meaning of the celebrity’s name, first and last name.  Once I had a dream where John Paul Jackson and Samuel L. Jackson came onto a stage and gave me a prophetic word.  Samuel (instructed of God) (was also the head of the school of prophets in the bible) Jackson (John Paul Jackson).

You might want to look up their best film also.  What is that film about and how does it apply to your life.

Kissing Someone You Hate

Can mean betrayal, hostility, or reconciliation with an angry friend. If someone tries to kiss you against your will, then it means that someone is shoving their ideas, beliefs and opinions in your face.

Watching Others Kiss

Watching others come into agreement or knowledge someone will betray another.


The ol’ “I showed up to take the new job wearing nothing but a birthday suit and a space helmet holding a pickle” dream is nothing to be worried about — it’s typically just tied to anxiety.

You’re Unexpectedly Naked and Horrified

Feeling helpless or vulnerable in a situation, or you have completely let your guard down can cause these naked dreams. Nudity can symbolize not measuring up or being totally stripped of all dignity in a situation.

You’re Unexpectedly Naked and Don’t Care

These are great dreams because you have nothing to hide and are proud of who you are and what you are accomplishing. The can dream relate to your honesty, openness, and carefree nature.

You’re Unexpectedly Naked, and No One Else Seems to Notice

The most common, your concerns or anxieties are your own projections; no one will notice except you. You may be magnifying the situation and making an issue out of nothing. Stop majoring on a minor!


Did you know that dream orgasms come up in 4% of sex dreams for both men AND women  This is according to the 2007 study on sex dreams and gender  and it was coducted by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Interesting factoid, the study also found that women reported that four percent of their dream orgasms were enjoyed by ANOTHER CHARACTER in their dream, not themselves — a phenomenon that, predictably, zero men reported. Hmmm Interesting huh?

Representing an exciting beginning for birthing something new!

Can I be the first to say, you are human and that is a human bodily function, a natural response to hormones released in dreams. No reason to feel shame or humiliation.


Sex is coming into covenantal alignment to birth something new.  God’s view about sex didn’t change because we perverted it with media and so forth.


So you are wearing a scantily clad outfit and luring someone into your cave or maybe you show up to work in that scantily clad outfit. What could this craziness possibly mean???

The dream may mean that you are being lured into doing something you don’t really want to do or YOU are the luring seductress.  Now, it may not be that you are seducing them with sex but it could be an indicator that you are being manipulative and luring them with money, power or other things.  It is a self conditioning dream that reveals your secret heart.



 Anal Sex

Can represent a false submission. Taking the gratification of a project or thing and not wanting to birth something or want the responsibility of raising and nurturing that project.

You giving:  Can speak of you dominating someone or you are trying to gain gratification over something without wanting to birth something.

You receiving: Can reflect you being dominated and someone taking advantage of you or even that someone is just trying to gratify themselves and really doesn’t want any real responsibilities

Could also mean that a false covenant agreement.  The person isn’t being honest about their alignment.

Oral Sex

Whoooboooy . . . .can speak of “fondling” an idea, “toying” with something.  Again, trying to gratify or be gratified without real birthing and responsibility.  Not going all the way in an agreement or alignment.  Someone trying to entice or get your “juices flowing” (yes I just said that, sigh) over a situation falsely.

Gay Sex

Again, can reflect coming into an agreement or alignment with the person or the name of the person.  Can reflect an inappropriate relationship, agreement or alignment with that person or the spirit of the name.  Dominating a situation, false birthing of a project.

Self struggling and realization of God dealing with something you are struggling with.

Ex Sex

Your reservations about embarking in a new relationship or situation. A spiritual soul tie that needs to be broken.  A spirit trying to gain control again in your life.

YOUR DREAMS YOUR BODY – and some of their parts

What are you to make of that weird “nightmare” where Brad Pitt throws a softball at your vagina?


Fertility. Male power. Male spirit or energy.  Domination. Partnering in birthing a new project. Getting in into male thought pattern


Fertility. Female power. Female spirit or energy. Submission. Partnering in birthing a new project. Getting into a female thought pattern.


Can reflect being nurtured or nourished and your need to be nursed and care for. Can also reflect a feeling of exposure of your nurturing gift, good or bad.

But just remember, no matter how many times your dreams lead you to driving in a purple car shamed like a dog with a penis sitting in the passenger seat, it is all only a dream … … or IS IT???