Amy Coello is a spiritual dream interpretation expert who can help listeners understand what the God of this universe is speaking to them as individuals.

Amy believes that through our dreams God is giving us divine strategy, divine guidance, and warnings that can help lead us through relationships, business, as well as healing the broken places in our lives.  She is also the co-founder of, which is a research project that hired a data scientist and analyst to create algorithms that find spikes and patterns in the communities dreams collectively.

Every culture in the world believes that a higher power is speaking through its dreams. We are the only culture that wiped out that understanding and out of that arose psychological theories, answers come from within the soul.

God is speaking, are we listening? We know God is speaking to us individually, but what is God saying collectively?  Amy believes we can have foreknowledge of terrorist attacks, community traumas and natural disasters before they happen.  She is on the hunt to discover our collective wisdom.

Spiritual understanding states that, ‘If you had the answers within your soul to begin with, you wouldn’t have gotten yourself in that crappy place to begin with.’  We need a Divine Wisdom to bring us into spiritual alignment, to heal our fractured souls, to heal relationships, to bring wisdom into our situations, and to reveal what is happening in the spirit realm.

Amy is a lively and funny public speaker with years of experience. She can speak from a Biblical understanding, spiritual understanding, and corporate understanding. With over a decade of studying dreams she can help your listeners come to a deeper understanding of why we dream and what do we do with it.

She has the ability to teach the listeners how to understand this parabolic language of heaven.