Sometimes, I wonder if it’s just me that I see 12:12, 11:11, 10:10 and 7:11 at random often and almost daily

Some time ago, I was looking through my pictures in my photostream and saw all the screenshots of my phone’s time, I took over the past few years.

See, I try to take a pic when I see them to record and remind me that I actually saw it.

Randomly, I just happen to pick my phone up to check my email or something trivial and there it is  clear as day repetitive numbers… they serve as a reminder of the Lord’s Promises to me.

I also see them on other clocks too, but don’t always have enough time to take a pic b4 it changes.

I believe God can and does speak to us in so many ways:

  • Directly in a clear audible voice
  • In visions & dreams
  • Through scripture
  • Prophetic symbols like time sequences, street names, songs on the radio, etc.

It’s one thing for it to happen once or twice but as you can see it happens to me on a weekly basis! It’s amazing how the Lord Speaks to us and loves to remind us of his Promises and Destinies for our lives!

When I see these times I am reminded of the following scriptures:

Hebrews 11:11

Romans 12:12
Romans 10:10


My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the past 16 years.  In 2007, We started to pursue fertility treatments, but I didn’t have a peace about it. At the time, I felt like I was not trusting the Lord with bringing it to pass.

Then in 2012, we went through the training to become foster to adopt parents. While Adoption has always been in my heart and still is, we had a series of events that postponed our finishing our paperwork and homestudy. It just took to long which prevented us from going forward with adopting at that time. Looking back, I realize I kinda gave up and tried not to think about it anymore cause it just made me sad and depressed…

It’s hard when you are the only one of your married  friends to be trying to conceive and not have kids. While they always seem to pop them out like rabbits… They then have birthday parties for their kids and then you are the only friend not invited because you don’t have kids. We don’t even really celebrate Christmas with all the decorations cause it is just the two of us.

It’s hard when you see the most adorable pictures and videos of your friends babies and kids on Facebook and Instagram. It’s challenging when you go through walmart and hear a mom yell at her kids that they are gonna get it when they get home when all you want to do is love a child of your very own. I try not to think about it too much cause it’s really not good for me!

Then in October 2014, I just laid all my dreams of being a parent before the Lord and said:

God you need to either fix what’s preventing me from getting pregnant or take away this desire to conceive and birth a biological child that is an expression of me and my husband’s love for each other.

Then I asked the Lord,

if it’s still possible for me to conceive, carry and bear a child I need you show me sign give me something so I know that i should still be believe for this Lord…

See I hadn’t had my cycle since Feb 2014.  Which is pretty common for women who have been diagnosed with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome). And at that time i was in the last few months before the 5th anniversary of my 35th Birthday so I knew the biological clock is ticking away!

I seriously thought my faith was smaller than the size of a mustard seed, but I prayed it once and forgot about it.  Then TWO DAYS LATER, it appeared in full effect for 8 painful days!

It was a bonafide miracle. I don’t think I have ever received and answer to prayer that quickly!!!!!! It renewed faith for the Lord to open my womb to conceive.

While I have yet to conceive, carry and  bear a child now at the age of 42. I still trust in the promises of God.  The bible is full of women who were “beyond the age” or “unable to conceive” yet God opened their womb and they conceived, carried and bear their own child. Regardless of their condition or circumstance the promises of God are unfailing. I stand on that promise even in the midst of my own current circumstances. Because I know my God is faithful and true. He is able to make the impossible possible.

The times I see on the clock almost daily, serve as a reminder to me that God is still there and he is fully able to fulfill his promises to me.

Thank you Lord for repeatedly moving in ways in my life that are beyond what I even can comprehend. You are so Good and your Timing is perfect.

This blog was reposted and edited with permission from our Communications & Operations Director, Estreitta de Kluetz, personal blog