Do you ever say, “I just want peace!” “I always feel anxious” “I just want to be happy” “I don’t feel joy” “I just can’t hear God”

Well, we don’t always want to hear God. It’s true. Many of us unknowingly block out the voice of God.


There are moments when we love the power and the high we feel when we judge others. Albeit, the high is soooo short lived. But did you know you actually release chemicals in your brain when you elevate yourself over another. Since many of us don’t know how to enter into the peace and joy of the Spirit, we learned to live off the chemical false “feel good” release of judging others and elevating ourselves over them. Its like a short lived drug. Then if we walk in the Spirit at all, we begin to experience an underlying current of guilt commensurate with our judgments.Fortunately, God’s voice of love and forgiveness quietly waits for our willingness to hear it. We’ll not see our “frienemy” in the same way when we listen to God’s message regarding them. You gotta get above the “snake line” and reach into the Third Heaven and pull down into this realm WHAT GOD SEES ABOUT THOSE YOU HAVE DECIDED TO CAST YOUR GAZE UPON. The moment you have a negative opinion about another’s journey . . . you owe it to yourself to reach into Heaven and see what God thinks about them.



Why would we ever choose to turn away from the thoughts of God regarding a person? Why would we ever choose our thoughts instead?The answer:

The insanity of the ego. SELF. It takes tooooo much work to reach into Heaven and hear what God is saying over that person or their journey. It is soooo much more easier to think judgmental thoughts and feel the immediate chemical release and high of elevation.  See, the moment I even cast my gaze upon your life negatively . . . for a short split second . . .I can forget about all my trash, all my insecurity, all my short comings, all my weaknesses, all my private failures.

I have found this one thing true, the ones that are judgmental in their thoughts have the most weaknesses to hide from.

As long as they are pointing their invisible finger, they don’t have to deal with their shame, pain and hurts. The live a life of projections. Smoke and mirrors. For those being judged, why does it matter what they think? Oh I know, I know . . “they don’t know the whole story” . . .do they have to? Remember, they are only trying to get a “quick fix”  judging your book by the chapter they walked in on.

Challenge for the week:

Let us FAST from our opinions of others and their journey. Go ahead and we can do it. Let us FAST from having a thought, inkling or opinion of another. Then I want you to get really serious about this. Get your journal and I want you to be SUPER aware of when you cast your gaze over onto another negatively.Next, I want you to write it down. Who it was, what your negative thought was about them or their life or their kids and ask Holy Spirit . . Ask God, what am I trying to hide in my life? Then sit quietly and wait for Holy Spirit to bring something up from your heart.  Break free!!!! This is where your PEACE AND JOY live. Outside the bars and gates of judgment. If we are not extremely cautious in our focus, hyperaware, EGO/SELF will grab our attention and COMMAND our reactions. EGO will do ANYTHING to not be found out. We can think only “attack” when the EGO/SELF is in charge.

EGO/SELF or God will always be heard.  Who do you choose to listen to?


Today I will remember that judging others jeopardizes my sense of peace and wellbeing. Judging others jeopardizes my ability to hear God’s voice for guidance and direction.  BE FREE!!