I used to think that I was just a no-count
I used to think that I would get no where
But then I learned that when I’m feelin’ low down
I’m back up on my feet if I remember all my dreams

Have you ever had a Recurring Dream that drove you half out of your mind? Maybe it didn’t come every night but every so often within a month, it would find you yet again. Did you feel trapped in that situation? Did you feel doomed to repeat that same scenario over and over again? In this chapter, we will attempt to explain some of the common repeating dreams we often hear about. Hopefully, once you come to the knowledge of these basic dreams you can begin to address them the first time before they become a nightmarish rut that won’t let you free.

Recurring dreams are common among dreamers. They can occur weekly, monthly, or yearly. They can be brought on by a repeating problem, a particular life occurrence, or a transitional situation of life. There can be variations in the content of the dream but the key elements will remain the same. The repeating dreams in a dreamer’s life reveal valuable information about the dreamer. The dream may be highlighting a fear, a personal weakness, or inability to cope with a past or present situation. The dreams could also be pointing out an unresolved situation that continues to bring conflict. The reason for the repetition is that the dreamer is still working through the problem. Perhaps they have not gotten the underlying message. Many times it has to do with the dreamer’s calling or what they will struggle with in life. These types of dreams occur quite frequently in early childhood and if a parent will give attention, they can be overcome. Once these dreams reach a solution they will stop. The dreamer must know the meaning of the dream if they are going to see the problem and conquer it.