I love my dream dictionary . . .I really do. It took me years to really like it. Dream dictionaries have their place. I really didn’t start using a dream dictionary until AFTER I learned how to lean on my heart understanding of a symbol. Dictionaries can give you one way of working out a dream, but the true meaning of a symbol comes from your own heart. It really just depends on your culture, economy, environment, how you were raised . . so many other elements determine what YOUR dream language means. Example would be . . .if I have a snake in my dream 98% of the time it will be BAAAAD (said in my best sheep voice). But if your mom was a “snake wrangler” growing up and you were raised around snakes, then maybe not so much.

Dream Dictionaries also is like a “crutch” you most people I come in contact with never really learn to trust the Spirit of God to show them what is in their heart and what that symbol means to that dream on that level. So many other elements to a dream and very linear to think that ONE symbol means THIS. Plus, if you don’t know scripture . . .you can’t really properly interpret dream symbols.

Now that I have interpreted for years, I will look at dream dictionaries to get an idea that maybe I haven’t thought about. However, I know myself well enough to still take that and weigh it with my heart.

All that said . . . you really should buy my dream chart! It has sooo much to look at and I made sure to put a lot of different ideas to one symbol so that you can see which way and how many ways you can go with a symbol.

Remember, start with the emotion of the dream, then the “verb” of the dream . .then ask the Spirit for the interpretation of each symbol there on . . .almost like diagramming a sentence in 5th grade. Happy Dreaming!