Dreaming is part of being human, but as believers we have to learn how to become good dreamers. Why is that? The answer is because dreaming is not valued. To be called a “dreamer” is to be out of touch with reality. “You’re dreaming” literally means “Your imagination is not relevant.” But the dreamers I know are actually more in touch with reality. In fact, dreamers are in touch with two worlds simultaneously: the “natural world” that we all share, and the “spiritual world” where the real work is done.


What is the Real Work

I’m talking about the “inner world” that is crucial for success in the world. Fact is, dreamers understand their emotions, their desires, and their fears better than nondreamers. Dreamers are more in touch with their relationships, their family,their health, their sexuality and their spirituality. Dreamers are spiritual people and can avoid real life dangers. Dreamers know what they are dealing with and they know how to handle it. In short, dreamers make up a core group of spiritual people who are spiritual, healthy and happy, and we change the culture for the better precisely because we live in two worlds. If you are interested in dreams but do not remember many of your dreams, we have an answer! Simply by adopting a few habits and changing some everyday routines, your dreams will start coming back when you wake up from sleep every morning. Dreaming well is a feedback system: the more you put in, the more you get back. Like your “faith muscle” the more you practice “walking by faith” they stronger your faith becomes. My book, “Dreams: A Window Into Your Destiny” (www.amycoello.com/resources) is a guide to remembering more dreams. You may want to start a dream group, interpret your dreams for wisdom and creative problem solving, but it all starts with having good sleep patterns, a healthy dream diet, and good dream recall.

Our dreaming worlds can be pretty different than our waking worlds, but we all have a natural ability to build bridges between them. In scientific circles, this is called the “continuity theory” of dreaming. By cultivating dream-thinking into our waking world, we are inviting those dreams back into our daily life. So the practices and resources I recommend here all are all for the purpose of building these bridges. If you practice just half of these techniques, you will easily double your dreaming in the next month. Dreams are spiritual and they don’t necessarily come when called. So it’s important to stay flexible and not put too much pressure on yourself. Dreaming tending is about creating a place. Remember Jacob’s Ladder dream. You will note that Jacob took a “stone” or a “rock” in other translations. That stone and rock represent Jesus. Jacob prepared a place. We must also prepare a place. We get rid of the phones at night, the tv, the work. We set our worship music and we open our journal page and we say “Come Holy Spirit, for your servant is listening”

Isaiah 28:16


“Therefore thus says the Lord God, “Behold, I am laying in Zion a stone, a tested stone, A costly cornerstone for the foundation, firmly placed. He who believes in it will not be disturbed.”

Genesis 28:10-17 The Message (MSG)

“Jacob left Beersheba and went to Haran. He came to a certain place and camped for the night since the sun had set. He took one of the stones there, set it under his head and lay down to sleep. And he dreamed: A stairway was set on the ground and it reached all the way to the sky; angels of God were going up and going down on it.”

God been waiting for you.