Meet Amy

Dreamer. Author. Speaker.

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Amy Coello is the wife of Robert Coello and a mother of many (eleven children).  Amy is a respected prophetic teacher, successful business owner with 20 years experience in the legal field. She is a dynamic speaker and storyteller. She is an author, television host, and ministry leader who has given her life fully to Jesus Christ and the advancement of his kingdom in the Having interpreted over a bazillion dreams, she leads the team of certified dream interpreters. Amy brings over 15 years of business start-up experience and plays a pivotal role in launching this exciting endeavor.

Over the last two decades, Amy has been teaching, speaking and equipping thousands of people all over the globe the key principles on how to interpret dreams, the importance of understanding the parabolic language of heaven and how God speaks to us through symbols.
Starting in 2004, Amy worked for Streams Ministries and was mentored by John Paul Jackson.  John Paul sent out and ordained Amy and Robert go to the mission field where they planted two churches and house of prayer in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Amy’s passion is to see each person recognize their calling, anointing and destiny and to run with it. She loves to watch the Father engage His people through dreams.  She loves to activate people through her writing, teaching, personal ministry time and mentoring. There is a mandate on Amy’s life to raise up an army of people that will be trained and ready to interpret dreams as God pours out His Spirit upon all mankind. (Acts 2:17) She is the founder of the largest Christian Dream Interpretation Facebook Group called Prophetic Dreams, Symbols and Interpretation. She is a gifted prophetic teacher who brings a strong anointing for interpretation and teaching interpretation, as well as a great level of transparency and humor. Amy is the Author of Dreams: A Window Into Your Destiny, How To Talk To The UnChurched, and Dream Symbols